How A Dare From Michelle Visage Led Andrew Garfield To Lip Sync For His Life

"If you've got the guts, maybe do a Whitney Houston lip sync..."

Andrew Garfield has been busy on the U.K. stage this year in Angels in America, but before the production transfers to Broadway next year, he is out promoting his new film, Breathe.

The Oscar-nominated actor swung by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about the film, but more importantly he reveals how RuPaul's Drag Race judge—and everyone's best squirrel friend—Michelle Visage talked him into lip-syncing during the London stop on the Werq the World tour back in May.

After DeGeneres shared the clip of Garfield performing "I'm Every Woman" for the roaring crowd, she asks how he even became a part of a live drag queen show in the first place.

"I was doing a play in London called Angels in America and the legendary Michelle Visage, who is one of the judges on RuPaul's Drag Race, came and saw the play. She said: 'We're doing a queens Werq the World tour right now, please come down and take part,' and I said: 'take part?'"

He had a good reason to be suspicious because like Michelle does on Drag Race, she challenged him to step his p*ssy up.

"She said: 'If you've got the guts, maybe do a Whitney Houston lip sync and make a fool of yourself in front of thousands and thousands of drag queens and fans,'" Garfield explained.

"That's what happened. I was very happy to support the cause."

We are just happy he took up Michelle's challenge and showed those queens in the room how to absolutely slay a lip sync. Maybe he will do a repeat performance when Angels in America and the Drag Race queens are both in New York next year?

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