This "Drag Race" Superfan Got The Best Christmas Present From His Straight Brother

And we're really jealous.

When Stuart Forward opened a Christmas gift from his brother last weekend, he definitely didn't expect to see a bunch of drag queens staring back up at him.

His brother Iain had built Stuart his very own game of "Guess Ru?" — a homemade Drag Race version of the popular Guess Who? children's game.

“I was just taken aback as the world of drag and Drag Race is so far removed from his everyday life and the circles he moves in," Stuart told Buzzfeed. "He must have seen me at nights on Facebook or in drag at Sink the Pink, and thought it would make a good gift."


Just the idea itself is pretty impressive, but the amount of time it would take to cut out all those queens would be a daunting task for even the biggest Ru-fan, let alone a straight guy just trying to cross his brother off his Christmas gift list.

“I was more touched than anything by the level of thought he’d put into it as it’s so outside his usual reference points, like exposing himself to drag, finding the drag queens, making it all," he said. "It’s hours of dedication and something totally fresh for us."


As great as the game would be for any die-hard fan of Drag Race, there was an even deeper reason that the gift was so iconic.

“We never really speak about my sexuality, which made the present more meaningful," Stuart shared. "I guess he’s known for a while and is cool with it."

Leave it to RuPaul to bring families closer together on Christmas.

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h/t: Buzzfeed

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