FBI Investigating "Massive Shooting" Threat At Houston Pride

Other threats against the LGBT community have been made in Atlanta, San Diego, Brooklyn and elsewhere.

Houston police are working with federal investigators to assess the threat of a "massive shooting" at the gay pride parade scheduled to take place June 25.

"There will be a massive shooting at the pride parade in Houston, Texas," the tweet read. At press time, Twitter had since deleted the tweet and banned the account that posted it.

According to the Houston Chronicle, police were tipped off to the threat almost immediately after it was posted by the anonymous Twitter user "crehgdu123" early Monday morning.

Houston's acting Police Chief Martha Montalvo, who attended a vigil Wednesday for the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, told ABC 13 that concerned members of the LGBT community expressed their fear over the threat to her at the event.

"We're getting additional types of concerning types of tweets and threats," she said, noting that the department treats all threats seriously. "Some of it is valid. Some of it is not. But again, even if you don't think it's valid send it to us. We need to see it."

Houston Police Department spokesman John Cannon added: "We're trying to figure out who it is. We're looking into it just like we'd look into any other threat made to someone's life."

The threat comes amid a slew of others targeting various LGBT events around the country in the wake of the tragic massacre in Orlando.

On Wednesday, the Atlanta Police Department confirmed it was investigating a gay man named Brett Edgerton for similar threats he made against Atlanta-area gay bars on Twitter.

"TEN or Blake's could be the next Orlando," he tweeted. "You think I am the type to be the next ‘shooter’? Keep hating me then…"

A similar threat was made against San Diego's LGBT community on Craigslist

“Orlando was long overdue," read a posting in the Men for Men section, along with a picture of a handgun firing. "Cleanse your community of the filth that gives decent gay men and women a bad name. Those people were walking diseases, bug chasers, and thank god for AIDS and 9-11 and now Orlando. San Diego you are next."

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