This University Is Opening A Dorm For LGBT Students

There's already a waiting list.

The University of Kansas is dedicating a wing of one of its residence halls for LGBT students as part of a gender-inclusive housing initiative.

Lewis Hall will welcome gay, bi, trans, gender-nonbinary and genderfluid students, along with those who are questioning. Roommates will be assigned without consideration for students' gender identity or sexual orientation. So far, more than 20 students have signed to live in the wing next fall, and there's already a waiting list.

“It tells me we’re hitting a need,” Student housing director Diana Robertson told the Lawrence Journal-World.

Lewis Hall may also become home to student allies, as it's open to anyone requesting a preference—"There's no questions asked," Robertson explains. But residents will have to sign an agreement regarding behaving appropriately and protecting the privacy of others, and may be asked to relocate if they violate the rules.

In the past, housing officials worked on a case-by-case basis to place students who didn't feel comfortable in traditional housing. Students may still, of course, opt to reside in a traditional dorm that matches their gender identity, if they prefer.

The University of Kansas joins the growing number of colleges offering gender-neutral or LGBT-inclusive housing on campus.

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