Calvin Klein Ad May Have Run Afoul Of Russia's "Gay Propaganda" Ban

A commercial for CK2 fragrance has authorities in an uproar.

A new ad for Calvin Klein's CK2 fragrance is being examined by authorities in Russia to see if it has violated the country's "gay propaganda" law.

The spot, shot by out photographer Ryan McGinley, sees a variety of model types having fun in Puerto Rico: Two heterosexual couples are seen making out, while two same-sex pairs are close, but never intimate.

Still, it was enough for someone to report it to censors in Arkhangelsk for having "elements of propaganda of homosexuality and pedophilia."

Should Calvin Klein be found guilty, the company could be made to pay $15,000 fine and have its business suspended in Russia.

Watch the ad below and decide if its "promoting" anything other than perfume.

h/t: Pink News

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