Shawn Mendes Loves Reading Thirsty Comments From This Gay Model

Beauty vlogger James Charles was worried the pop heartthrob "felt sexually harassed."

Shawn Mendes is certainly no stranger to thirsty comments on social media, but did one recent comment cross the line?

While juggling some balls for his fans' amusement, Mendes abruptly ended an Instagram livestream shortly after beauty vlogger James Charles wrote, "can u juggle me like that." Fans speculated that the 20-year-old Canadian singer may have felt uncomfortable and sexually harassed by the cheeky comment.

This followed a report that Mendes had bad-mouthed the 19-year-old gay social media sensation at a recent album listening party, allegedly complaining, "that dude is always commenting weird shit on my posts."

Charles apologized to Mendes, tweeting, “my comments on friend’s & boy’s content have always been light hearted & in a joking manner. I’ve been supporting @shawnmendes since vine & am a fan like anyone else, & would never want to make anyone uncomfortable. Im upset, embarrassed, and sorry if he felt sexually harassed.”

But Mendes squashed the supposed beef by sending James a private message, which the YouTuber shared: “Sorry about all this, ive never said i dont like you or that you make me uncomfortable. Your comments actually make me laugh and i love them! Hope you're all good xx."

In 2016 James Charles became the first male spokesperson for CoverGirl cosmetics after his glamorous senior photos went viral.

Mendes, the ultimate pop thirst trap, has shot down persistent rumors that he's gay.

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