Indonesia's Police Force Wants To Ban Grindr

The country's defense minister declared the LGBT movement "more dangerous than nuclear warfare."

Indonesia may soon place a ban on gay-dating apps like Grindr as part of continued efforts to "crack down" on homosexuality.

After exposing an alleged gay prostitution ring, Indonesian police requested that the government ban 18 LGBT-related apps.

It was while police were searching an iPad belonging to one of the suspects that they found Grindr and other hookup apps.

Anti-LGBT sentiment has been growing fast in Indonesia, where a defense minister recently declared the LGBT community "more dangerous than nuclear warfare." Some edicts borderline on the absurd: The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission has banned "effeminate males" from television, and government officials asked Facebook and WhatsApp to block LGBT emojis.

Transgender women in Aceh, a predominantly Muslim territory that punishes homosexuality with 100 lashes, are now prohibited from being hairdressers.

"We see the moral degradation that is happening," said the Family Love Alliance's Rita Hendrawaty Soebagio. "This is purely because of our love for our nation, we must do something while we have a chance."

h/t: Gay Star News

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