A New TV Show Introduced A Queer Muslim Character And Twitter Had Opinions

"The Bold Type" sparked both praise and criticism for its controversial choice.

Freeform's new series The Bold Type follows three young women as they try to break into the magazine business.

The show features a recurring queer Muslim character Adena El-Amin, played by Pakistani-Canadian actress Nikohl Boosheri. Adena, who identifies as a lesbian Muslim feminist, catches the attention of Kat, a social media director at Scarlet, a fictional women's magazine.


In Kat's attempts to convince Adena to be interviewed for a feature, the two grow close and spark up a strong friendship—and a budding romance.

While Adena's character arc on The Bold Type is relatively tame, the response on Twitter was heated. Some applauded the inclusion of an intersectional character, while others felt the representation was disrespectful to Islam.

One Twitter user even demanded Adena shouldn't be called Muslim.

Another insisted that queer women "don't exist" in the Muslim world.

Another commenter reminded followers that "there is not one type of Muslim." "Stop telling other Muslims how to worship, focus on yourselves."

"We don't choose who we love," added another.

User @danisgrande, a bisexual Muslim, put his own spin on it: "Some people need to open their hearts and start loving more."

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