Exclusive: Lady Bunny Is Sickening in “Sissy That Cough” Parody Video

The drag legend is "C#NT-AGIOUS!" in her new one-and-a-half woman show.

In this time of mandatory masks, Lady Bunny has never looked better!

While self-isolating, Bunion has been busy roasting RuPaul's Drag Race girls, as co-host of the Werq the World livestreams with her rotted sister, Bianca Del Rio. But she has also used her quarantine time to create a new show, Lady Bunny is C#NT-AGIOUS!, which will debut June 5 on Voss Events.

Santiago Felipe

Similar to her past stage hits like Clown Jester, Bun-Bun will "attempt to give what may be your last laugh before the apocalypse" with her deranged and filthy jokes all while showing off her signature moves—read: spinning around in caftans.

If that's not enough to make you tune in, Bunny will also be joined by drag sensation Christeene for an updated version of Peggy Lee's "Is That All There Is." RuPaul's runway classic, "Sissy That Walk" also gets a makeover with "Sissy That Cough," which Bunny updates with tasteful jokes about bats fly, fly, flying out of Wuhan.

Oh, Bunny, never change.

In addition to musical numbers, Lady Bunny is C#NT-AGIOUS! will also feature three new skits co-written by Beryl Mendelbaum.

"Masks and mascara make a great combination, along with four giant wigs and twelve costume changes packed into 35 minutes. This floozy offers unhinged Tips to Survive A Pandemic, and a visit to a fake newsroom for headlines we’d all like to see," reads the show description. Remember: "Laughter, not Clorox, is the best medicine."

Below, check out the exclusive premiere of Bunny's "Sissy That Cough" music video, and head over to the Voss Events website for more info on Lady Bunny is C#NT-AGIOUS!.

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