Jonathan Groff, Brian D'Arcy James And Andrew Rannells Lipsync For Their Lives Outside "Hamilton"

Ham4Ham is the live show for the people trying to win $10 lottery tickets to the Broadway smash hit "Hamilton"

It's no secret that Hamilton is the hottest show on Broadway, and that tickets are impossible to get.

But there's the daily $10 ticket lottery outside the Richard Rodgers Theatre, and in a tradition called Ham4Ham started by creator/composer/writer/actor Lin-Manuel Miranda, stars from the show, and other shows, pop out and entertain the waiting crowd.

In this latest edition, Renee Elise Goldsberry stood in for Miranda as emcee, while also lipsynching Aaron Burr in "Look Around," only to be joined by Brian d'Arcy James, Jonathan Groff (King George), and Andrew Rannells, who will be subbing as King George while Groff shoots Looking.

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The three lipsynced for their lives as the Schuyler sisters, and brought it fierce and fabulous. RuPaul would be so proud.

It's not quite finding out you won the lottery for tickets to the show—or won the actual lottery so that you can afford regular tickets to the show—but it's still pretty great that the cast will pop out and show their appreciation for the crowd that just wants to be fans.

It's something that the Broadway community can do that movies and television can't: That bit of spontaneity provided by actual live performers.

And you don't even have to score the tickets to enjoy it.

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