Spelman College Investigates Campus Notes Attacking LGBT Students

"Spelman is love, justice and respect. You, the perpetrator, are not Spelman."

Spelman College is investigating notes on campus that have been targeting their LGBT students.

The college announced at the beginning of the month that it is launching an official investigation to resolve the intimidation towards their LGBT students. At least three handwritten notes have made their way onto campus and have made waves for their use offensive language specifically targeting the college's queer students. The notes were found slipped underneath the doors of at least three students' dorm rooms, each containing different anti-LGBT messages.

One note wrote: "Keep Spelman safe. No queers." while others said "Keep your tran[s] out of our bathrooms Thanks!" and "#DIE ... We don't want you here."

The notes could be backlash towards Spelman's recent move to be more inclusive. A historically black, all women's college near downtown Atlanta, Spelman made the decision last November to admit transgender students. The increased visibility to queer students could lead to violence and retaliation, making it vital that the administration is already speaking up for those affected.

The college's president, Mary Schmidt Campbell, made an official statement against the person or persons responsible for the notes: "Here’s a message for the perpetrator: You are not Spelman College. Spelman abhors your behavior. Spelman will continue to open its arms to embrace all of our Spelman students whatever their gender identity, sexual orientation or gender expression. Spelman is love, justice and respect. You, the perpetrator, are not Spelman."

Though the administration has been unable to determine who has been responsible for these offensive notes, the students are still taking action. Some members of the LGBT community on campus have sent administration a list of demands to make the campus safer and more inclusive —which include having gender-neutral bathrooms in residence halls and sensitivity training for faculty. But students are also saying that they have plans to protest if these demands aren't met, as CNN reports.

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