Survey: Less Than Half Of Young People In UK Consider Themselves "100% Straight"

Ooh you cheeky Brits.

A new survey reveals that about half of young people in the UK define themselves as something other than “100% straight”.

The poll site YouGov asked 1632 people to place themselves on the Kinsey scale—somewhere between 0 (exclusively heterosexual) and 6 (exclusively homosexual).

Overall, 72% of adults said they were Kinsey 0s or "exclusively heterosexual," with 4% responding 6 or "exclusively homosexual." Another 19% put themselves somewhere on the spectrum between the two.

But among 18-24 year olds, it was a very different story: Only 46% said they were exclusively heterosexual—a whopping 49% said they were somewhere else on the scale. (Only 6% identified as exclusively homosexual.)

Compare that with senior citizens: 89% of respondents over 65 identified as either exclusively homosexual or heterosexual.

The results would suggest bisexuality is more common than assumed, and that the stimga attached to a fluid sexuality is lessening.

Researchers clarified the study didn't represent active bisexuals, just innate sexual orientation. But:

According to the research, progressing further away from "completely heterosexual" (0) towards the midpoint (3, or "completely bisexual") increases the chance that you have had a sexual experience with a member of the opposite sex. 23% of those at level 1 have had a sexual encounter with a member of the opposite sex, while 52% of people at level 2 have had such an experience.

In a statement, YouGov said that the poll indicates, “more than anything... an increasingly open minded approach to sexuality."

h/t: Pink News

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