Sexy Gays And Rumer Willis Spoof Ariana Grande And Iggy Azalea With "SPF": WATCH

Broadway baby Constantine Rosouli and Hollywood baby Rumer Willis want you to rub on the SPF gingerly, to the tune of Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea's Song of the Summer frontrunner, "Problem."

The self-described PSA, written and directed by Jake Wilson of The Battery Co., features a lot of toned, tanned torsos glistening under the Los Angeles sun and I get it.

Hot, shirtless gays sitting around being hot and shirtless. I'm always here for it, but the real star of "SPF" is Rumer Goddamn Willis, who clearly took a note out of Miley Cyrus's ratchet white girl playbook (and maybe snatched some of Iggy's celebrated assets, too).

Genetically predisposed to not giving fucks, Rumer is having her way with the gaggle of gorgeous gays, including Constantine, who's really putting those theater chops to good use.

It's a cute little video, and a good reminder to cover up because Mother Nature is trying to kill us all. Furthermore, this leather short:

And these sassy ladies are giving me life:

Check out "SPF" below:

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