Cyclist Gay-Bashed By Gang Of 20 Teens In Dublin Park

The gang allegedly shouted, "You need to kill as many, beat up as many fags as you can."

A cyclist claims he was violently gay bashed by a group of 20 teenagers in Dublin's Phoenix Park over the weekend.

The man, identified only as Marcin, told GCN that he was riding his bike in the park around 9:30pm when the gang started antagonizing and chasing him.

"They shouted: ‘You fucking whore. How much? We’ll kill you, fucking fag’ – stuff like that," he said. "There were about ten teenagers in hoodies on bicycles and I spotted that they were followed by a black Volkswagen Golf."

Marcin said he was able to hide from the group, but not for long.

"I heard someone in the Golf shout: ‘You need to kill as many, beat up as many fags as you can,'" Marcin recalled. "I was just terrified."

According to Marcin, the gang eventually found him and started beating him with something that sounded like metal pipes.

"They pushed me so hard that I fell and hit my head. Then the car stopped and the doors were opened and I heard someone giving something [to the guys on bikes] – it sounded like metal pipes – and then they started hitting me and kicking me all over."

“I got smacked in my face by a metal pipe. There were kicks all over my head, my body. I have injured my hands.”

Marcin said a Good Samaritan came to his rescue and scared the group away. He was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries to his face, hands, and knees.

Though he told police at Cabra Garda Station that the group had tried to kill him, Marcin said he felt "like nobody wanted a statement from me."

Police confirmed to GCN that they took Marcin's statement but aren't hopeful that his aggressors will be caught, as there isn't any CCTV cameras in Phoenix Park.

Even so, the perpetrators wouldn't have been charged with a hate crime as Ireland has yet to introduce hate crime legislation.