These Two Gay Besties Stick Glow Sticks, Rice Krispies, Balloons And More In Their Beards

And lest we not forget fruit salad.

Meet Brian & Johnathan, collectively known as The Gay Beards, two best friends from Portland, Oregon who "tend to think the world needs more love & laughter." To achieve this, they stick things in their beards. Anything, just about.

Flowers. Moss. Candles. Feathers. Fruit Salad. Paint. You name it.

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According to them it can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 days to figure out what they're going to put in them.

We asked the pair for the origin story behind their iconic beard designs.

Since we are best friends (practically brothers), it wasn't surprising to anyone that we took on our beardventure together.

One day we set out on a mission to take funny pictures with our beards, using flowers from our garden (I know this response screams Portland). Once we put those first flowers in our beards though, the rest was history.

We've always been creatively ambitious people, but we really wanted The Gay Beards to be a source of inspiration and humor for both beard lovers and haters alike.

Easy on the eyes, voluminous on the beards, these Porlandians are as creative as they are cute.

Check out some of their most bizarre creations bizarre.

Feather Beard

Love Wins Beard

Rice Krispie Beard

Lit Beard

Fruit Salad Beard

Sprinkle Beard

Balloon Beard

Moss Beard

Dum Dum Beard

Glow Stick Beard

Glitter Beard

Daffodil Beard

Want to learn how to flower beard? Check out their video below.