Melissa Etheridge Is The Princess Of Pot

And she's ready to help new users see the light with her line of cannabis products.

Like many of us, Melissa Etheridge is slightly stressed about the state of our current political climate. But when it comes time to ease those fears, Melissa turns to marijuana.

The Oscar winner says weed not only helps her forget about our current president, but helps her to write music, destress and keep her health in check on a daily basis.

In fact, those healing powers are what motivated the musician to start Etheridge Farms, her own line of pot products.

"There's a balm that's so good for muscles and arthritis," she told Billboard last year. "I have my own smoke, some edibles and some [oil] cartridges. I'm...wanting to bring a product to America that is focused on health and on wellness and how important this plant is and used to be in our medicinal system."

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Etheridge says she learned the medical benefits of marijuana after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, and she told Pride Source that she now wants to use her weed line to educate others on the healing properties of pot.

"Part of what we really want to be is sort of the 'Cannabis for Dummies.' I can really take everybody through this," she explained. "It's good for you. And I'll show you the choices and how to do it if you're scared and stuff; that's really what I want my brand to be."

The out singer says she uses weed to battle the stress levels that she feels contributed to her cancer, and doesn't see how unwinding with the help of a plant is any worse than popping pills or drinking wine to relax at night.

"That's really where I want to enter this market in—is for the person who is looking to unwind at night and not have a couple of drinks and feel like crap in the morning," she told Pride Source. "And wow, maybe this topical actually helps with this inflammation. I just feel really strongly about the medicinal aspects of cannabis."

Etheridge discussed her new venture further on the YouTube show "Between Two Strains" last year, and you can check it out below.

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