Demi Lovato Comes Out as Nonbinary, Announces New Pronouns

The announcement "opens another level of vulnerability for me," said the "Dancing With the Devil" singer.

Demi Lovato and their new podcast are transcending the gender binary.

In the inaugural episode of 4D With Demi Lovato, which premiered on Wednesday (May 19), Lovato came out to the world as nonbinary. The Dancing With the Devil singer and former Disney Channel star now uses they/them pronouns.

"I feel that this best represents the fluidity I feel in my gender expression and allows me to feel most authentic and true to the person I both know I am, and am still discovering," they said in the intro to the episode. "In this first episode, I am excited to share with you what this means to me and what it may look like for other people."

Courtesy of Dana Trippe

The remainder of the episode is a conversation between Lovato and Alok Vlaid-Menon, a nonbinary writer, speaker, and activist. The duo tackles everything from Lovato's terrifying drug overdose in 2018 to the importance of normalizing gender-neutral language.

Lovato has been openly queer for many years, but this marks the first time they have spoken publicly about their gender identity.

While it would "mean the world" to Lovato if their fans start identifying them with they/them pronouns, the singer plans to give the world a grace period. "I will also be accepting if people slip and say her/she because I know that being in my position, it’s going to take a while for people to get used to," they explained. "I just want them to be making the effort. I think it’s important because I want to use these pronouns that feel right to me. I also just don’t want people to be so afraid of messing up that they don’t try to use them."

In an Instagram post elaborating on their coming out, Lovato added that they are "still learning and coming into myself, and I don’t claim to be an expert or a spokesperson."

"Sharing this with you now opens another level of vulnerability for me," they wrote. "I’m doing this for those out there that haven’t been able to share who they truly are with their loved ones. Please keep living in your truths and know I am sending so much love your way."

Congratulations, Demi, and thank you for speaking your truth.

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