Lady Gaga Answers Our Prayers, Releases "Chromatica" Jockstrap

Mother Monster is giving the gays everything they want.

While you're busy packing for your upcoming trip to Planet Chromatica, be sure to leave room for one small addition to your intergalactic wardrobe: the official Chromatica jockstrap.


Lady Gaga snatched our merch-obsessed wigs last week when she announced the release date for ChromaticaMay 29, earthlings!—and unveiled a collection of super cute Chromatica clothing and accessories, including a branded thong and pair of briefs.

But Mother Monster knew her gay fans were not going to wear some green briefs to Planet Chromatica's inaugural underwear party. After Tyler Oakley called out Gaga on Twitter, asking, "But WHERE is the Chromatica jockstrap?" the "Stupid Love" singer answered our gay prayers and added a hot pink Chromatica jockstrap to her online store.

The jockstrap is $30 and also comes packaged with the digital album, so you can look cute while having a Chromatica quarantine dance party. You'll have to wait until later this summer, though: The new merch items are scheduled to ship in 4-5 weeks.

And if you don't want to wear the jockstrap as intended, you can always use it as a face mask!

Mother Monster, giving the gays everything they want.

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