10 Hilarious LGBTQ TikTokers You Need to Be Following

*giggles in gay*

If you weren’t one of the millions of people who ironically downloaded TikTok in 2020 and now can’t stop infinite scrolling, 2021 isn’t too late. Not only is there lots of thirsty queer content, there is also a plethora of hilarious LGBTQ+ creators to make you laugh.

Laughter really is the best medicine and can relieve stress and help us cope with all that’s going on. If you’re not getting enough humor in your life, TikTok has plenty of it for free — and since each video is under a minute long, it only takes a few seconds for funny creators on the app to get their punchline in.

Whether it’s lesbian jokes or skits making fun of reality TV, these 10 creators are worth a follow for their comical content.


“Your friendly neighborhood lesbian,” according to her Instagram bio, Haley Faulkner is the queen of five-second lesbian jokes. Her TikToks are as short as a lesbian’s fingernails and always hit the nail on the head (and she’s probably got a joke about the toolbelt the lesbian who has the hammer to hit that nail is wearing). If you’ve ever wondered like she has “Do I like the clothes the model is wearing or the model who’s wearing the clothes?”, then tap the plus.


The TikToks of Boman Martinez-Reid are perhaps the most elaborately produced of any on this list. His hilarious spoofs of Real Housewives and other reality TV shows make everyday situations dramatic in an endlessly entertaining way.


Mari makes excellent le$bean joke videos asking the important questions: Why does she only fall for girls who don’t like her? Who will throw out the bag of dildos in her closet before her mother goes through her things?


Abe Yoon pokes fun at everything from racism to antidepressants to butt care with dry humor. You’ll get plenty of thirst traps with this account too, but we’re not complaining.


Try not to smile while watching Michael Burke ham it up for his TikToks (you can’t!). He is best known for his point-of-view-style videos where he creates and embodies a character — often a flamboyantly gay guy acting over-the-top ridiculous — for a minute or less. He pokes fun at The Bachelor and pop culture tropes in the most fabulous way.


What is an IRL celebrity doing on this list? Well, Lil Nas X, singer of “Old Town Road” (a song that spent more weeks on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 than any other song in history) and the currently viral “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” is actually making funny TikToks that don’t overtly promote his music. If the Jheri curl Bachelor elimination ceremony spoof isn’t enough for you, check out this Hannah Montana TikTok he made that Miley Cyrus herself duetted.


Laurenzo keeps their TikTok focused on fostering a welcoming space for LGBTQ+ youth and has created several characters to align with that mission. One example is Thelma, a school secretary who struggles to switch names and pronouns when talking to a closeted student’s parent instead of the student.


Dana St. Amand is a sword-wielding (yes, her TikTok features her making and using swords) gay girl whose pronouns are “she/her/snack.” Her humor is based on her everyday life with her girlfriend instead of POVs, and we’re here for it.


When Tyler Gaca (sometimes accompanied by his husband, Jiahao) pops up on your For You Page, you’re in for a surreal moment of peace. His soothing voice lures you in and then delivers a mind-blowing perspective of the world that will make you ~LOL~. Don’t sleep on this influencer.


Tucker Reynolds has gained over a million followers through his comedy, which often involves POVs of annoying relatable moments. His popular gum-chomping character Kim Kim is ~the worst~ but also the best to watch.

We need to laugh more than ever, and if you can’t meet up with friends to tell jokes together yet, these TikTokers will stand in until you can.

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