Critics Really, Really Love 'Nashville'

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Nashville premieres tonight on ABC and, having seen it, we can say it is hands down the best new show of the Fall season. It helps hugely of course that the show stars Connie Britton, who is one of our favorite people in the whole entire world, and is scripted by Callie Khouri with her real life husband T-Bone Burnett helping with the music.

But don't just take our word for it, every critic adores it too.

"Easily this season’s most promising debut, Nashville has the potential to be the perfect drama, even for people who don’t give a spit about country music. Created by Thelma & Louise writer Callie Khouri, with expert musical choices from her husband, T Bone Burnett, and some top-notch direction from documentary-maker R.J. Cutler, “Nashville” won me over mainly with its strong sense of grace and heartache." - Washington Post

"By now Connie Britton must be a little tired of playing variations on the tough, beleaguered wife, as she did for five seasons on Friday Night Lights and one on American Horror Story, picking up three Emmy nominations along the way. But she’s back at it, this time as a country music queen in ABC’s new drama Nashville, and she’s still outstanding: Nashville is the best of the fall pilots, if only because of her presence." - NY Times

"The world-weary Britton and the cunning Panettiere are spectacularly spiteful in their scenes together, wielding the insolent jabs penned for them by Nashville creator-screenwriter Callie Khouri ( Thelma & Louise) like they’re sticking pins into a voodoo doll. Panettiere, smiling sweetly: 'My mom was one of your biggest fans. She said she listened to you while I was still in her belly.' Britton, offering wardrobe hints as she eyes Panettiere’s precipitous décolletage: 'You’re gonna wanna make sure you’ve got those girls tucked in there real good.'" - Miami Herald

"For the love of Friday Night Lights -- another show some people resisted at first, thanks to preconceptions about its subject matter -- give Nashville a chance, but not just because Connie Britton is terrific in it. There are a host of other reasons to check out this ABC drama: The supporting cast is uniformly terrific, a series of political and personal dilemmas are depicted with thoughtful nuance, and this show isn't so much about country music as it is about a desire to communicate, be loved and be heard." - Huff Po

"The hype is justified. Nashville's terrific." - Newsday

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