STUDY: A Lot Of Straight Guys Play With Their Butts During Masturbation

You're not the only one.

While many straight men protest that even touching their butt is "gay," it turns out a surprising number of them enjoy anal stimulation when the masturbate.

A new masturbation study from psychologist Allison Kirschbaum yields some surprising results: More than 94% of the men surveyed use the classic "touch/stroke" method (duh), and 81% employ some sort of sexual fantasy to help them reach orgasm.

Kirschbaum also reports 35.3% of men have engaged in nipple play and 32.2% use vibrators.

What was really unexpected, though, is that 33.6% of the male respondents liked to stimulate their anus when they self-pleasured. Yes, more than a third of men play with their butts to get off.

Check out the chart below and see if your preferred method made the list.

Keep up the good work, boys.

h/t: Mel