Which Country's Men Lie The Most About The Size Of Their Penis?

"Grindr inches" has reached epidemic proportions.

So, this may come as a total surprise, but some men are lying to you when they tell you how big their penis is.

The dating website conducted a survey to find out which countries seemed to be filled with fibbers when it comes to adding a few inches to their penis size, and which seem to contain more men giving honest reports.

The survey asked men in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India and Australia to estimate the length of their erect penis and then compared the average to the answer given by women about their last sexual partner.

The results exposed Australian men as the most prone to exaggerating their goods, finding that they claimed an average length of 7.09 inches, while their female counterparts said the number is closer to 5.58 inches.

American men came in second, reporting an average of 7.24 inches, compared to the 6.64 inches reported by women.

The survey also found Canadians to be the most honest about their size, while Indian men actually underestimated their length. So modest!

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