Bigoted Indiana Pizzeria Owner Explains "No Gay Weddings" Policy: "We're Sad For Them"

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Memories Pizza owner Crystal O'Connor, whose family became the "face of religious freedom" after publicly declaring they would not cater gay or lesbian weddings under Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act last week, visited Fox News with a message for "the gays" Thursday night.

"We're not angry with them. We're sad for them," she told Fox Business host Neil Cavuto of those who've bombarded her business with negative reviews in the days since her initial interview.

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O'Connor has previously stated that her business would openly serve LGBTs but would simply not agree to cater a same-sex wedding, a policy LGBT advocates have called hypocritical and discriminatory.

Asked to clarify exactly how that logic works, O'Connor said "It is not a sin to bring gays into our establishment and to serve them. It is a sin, though, if we condone [and] cater their wedding. We feel that we are participating, that we're putting a stamp of approval on their wedding, and we cannot do that."

She says she expects to reopen her business, which has received over a half million dollars in donations from bigots around the country, once she is "ready to face" potentially angry new patrons.

After a temporary shutdown was triggered by her overnight celebrity, O'Connor says she believes the donations were "a blessing from god."

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