Meet Jorgeous, Troye Sivan and Kacey Musgraves' "Easy" Karaoke Queen

The Nashville drag star stole the spotlight in the duo's new music video.

Country superstar Kacey Musgraves and gay pop singer Troye Sivan have released their latest collaboration: a remix of Sivan's single "Easy," this time with some dialed-up synthpop sadness thanks to producer Mark Ronson. A video for the track also dropped, starring Musgraves and Sivan as a couple who spend their time on the seedier side of town and frequent dive bars, sex shops, and motels.

Any fan of Musgraves knows she loves a drag queen, so it wasn't surprising when Jorgeous, a Nashville-based queen, showed up in the "Easy" video. NewNowNext caught up with Jorgeous, who performs at Nashville's Play, and spoke with her about how she got involved with the video, kiki-ing with Musgraves on set, and her favorite moment from the shoot.

Hey, Jorgeous! You looked so fierce in the video. How did you get involved with the project?

Thank you so much! Honestly, they [the video's creative team] tried messaging me, but I've been working so much, I couldn't get ahold of them quickly enough. They decided to come to Play club, where I perform, one night, but the line was too long to get in. They had told the manager, like, "Hey, we want to get in touch with Jorgeous and I heard that she's here — can we talk to her?" They were like, "Well, she's on stage right now." And they were like, "Oh, okay. Well, can you tell her to give us a message or to text us because we really want to work with her?"


I did not know that any of this was happening because I've been so busy.

So they sought you out?

Yeah. It was so crazy because I'm not from here, I'm from San Antonio, Texas, so I thought there would be a Nashville girl, but yeah I was so gagged that they chose me, that they wanted me.

How long have you been in Nashville for?

I've been in Nashville for almost two years now.

Oh nice. Tell me, what was the set like? You were a karaoke queen in the video. Do you ever do karaoke?

Yes — in the shower, but never on stage!

Did the explain the premise of the video?

They just told me to be a sad kind of showgirl, singing towards the audience — like you've been performing here for years and you just want to get out, but you can't. Oh my god, the stage, it was so nice. It had the American flag on it. It was hot in there, though, with all the lights.

Then you had a little parking lot moment with Kacey and Troye later, when you saw them outside. Did you get to spend a lot of time with them on set?

When I was done shooting the karaoke part, I bumped into Kacey because I guess she was watching me as I performed. I was like, "Oh my god, I live for you, thank you so much for having me." And she was like, "Oh my god, you look so beautiful. You look so gorgeous." I was living. I was living!

Were you a fan of Kacey already?

Oh yes, because I have a mix of Kacey's. It's a six-minute mix of her songs that I perform. It's like my favorite number to do.

What about Troye? Did you get to talk to him any?

Oh yes. He was the sweetest. I guess there was a fly away in my hair, and he came on stage and fixed it for me, and I was like, "Oh my god. You're so cute!"

Was there anything shot that was left out of the final cut?

Honestly, I'm trying to think. No, I think they showed everything that they shot — with me, at least.

And was it just one night shooting for you?

I actually had to wake up at like 7am to get into full clown mode, and I was like, "Oh my god, lady, this is too early." And then I ended up coming back again later on that night to do the night shoot.

What do you think about these major stars showcasing drag queens in their projects?

I think it's so great especially because I'm not on Drag Race yet. It was even better because I'm a local queen, and they still wanted me. I was like, "Oh my god. That is so nice of them to do that." You know what I mean?

Yeah. Speaking of Drag Race, do you have any favorites from the new cast that was just announced?

I love Simone. She is so sexy. I cannot wait to see what she does on the show.

Do you have any other favorite memories from the set that you want to share?

Just being able to smoke a blunt on set like a bad bitch and getting that on film. That was my favorite part.

Very on brand for Kacey.

Yes! [Laughs]

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