Neil Patrick Harris, Tituss Burgess, Daniel Franzese Appear In New GLAAD PSA About Ending HIV

"Let's finish what we started."

GLAAD and The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation have teamed up on an all-star public-service announcement encouraging gay men to help eradicate HIV.

Officially launching on Logo this Thursday, the clip features out performers Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Lane, Tituss Burgess and Daniel Franzese, as well as outtakes from Elizabeth Taylor's historic speech at the 1992 Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert.

Twenty years later, we have the tools to eradicate HIV, but one in five gay men in major U.S. cities are still HIV-positive—infection rates among young gay men have shot up 133% in last decade.

And perhaps most disturbing, one in three gay men have never even taken an HIV test.

"We must find new ways of raising awareness in order to reach this community and inform them of the tools available to prevent new infections," says Joel Goldman, managing director of The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

GLAAD was founded in 1985 as a response to misleading and defamatory coverage of the AIDS epidemic. Three decades later, the organization continues to fight misrepresentation and misinformation and has helped to reshape our culture's perspective on people living with HIV.

"This campaign will help bring more awareness HIV and AIDS and remind everyone that we have the power to end this epidemic in our lifetime," says GLAAD CEO Sarah Kate Ellis.

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