Today In Gay: Google Won't Yank Gay-Cure App, Guys On Instagram, And More

What's app with this? Google is refusing to ditch a smartphone app that promises to offer users "‘freedom from the bondage of homosexuality" (No, this is not an S&M hookup thing.)  The brainchild of the Christian group Setting Captives Free, the app offers users help to "escape impurity, overeating, substance abuse, gambling, smoking and more" in 60 days. According to its marketing literature, Setting Captives Free has "helped" some 500,000 people already. Apple already dumped the app, giving you yet another reason why the iPod is better than the Droid.

The Catholic Church's top exorcist is claiming he's vanquished more than 160,000 demons. Apparently you get a free dozen donuts with the 200,000th.

Twilight actor Michael Welch, who plays a high-schooler who falls for a trans girl in the upcoming rom-com Boy Meets Girl, says he didn't think twice about the part: “What’s revolutionary about this film is how ‘normal’ it feels, and I think that’s what will ultimately be the key to equal rights for all, the Twilight actor tells TooFab. "As LGBT people become more publicly involved in various elements of society, whether media, government, social institutions such as marriage or military service, or just being out to their friends and family, the rest of society will invariably become more aware and therefore, less fearful. Gay marriage just became legal in 2 more states, and the sky didn’t fall down, the mountains didn’t crumble... Eventually, we’re gonna learn that ALL people essentially want the same things, love, respect, dignity, and acceptance.  That’s the theme of this film. It just happens to feature a transgender character. So no, I’m not worried. Haters are gonna hate, but ultimately they get marginalized and discredited over time.” Someone give this boy an Oscar!

Daniel Dobson, the son of the former vice president of the ultra-reactionary Moral Majorty, has come out as a gay Christian. We're sure it wasn't easy growing up in the shadow of major hater Jerry Falwell, but that is some delicious poetic justice right there.

Following on the success of an earlier trial in Thailand, a new medical study will combine multiple HIV vaccines together with the hope of boosting the immune system's response. It will also be the first vaccine administered through nasal spray. (Thank Jeebus, 'cause I'ma skeered of needles.)

Which of the Five Guys on Instagram are you?

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