"The Babadook" Is Heading Back To Theaters To Benefit LGBT Groups

This year's most unexpected gay icon is back!

The Babadook quickly became a queer icon this summer, popping up in Internet memes and Pride parades.


Now the indie horror flick is returning to theaters for a limited Pride-week engagement, with a portion of proceeds benefiting LGBT groups.

Jennifer Kent’s acclaimed fright fest from 2014, which sees a freakish apparition with top hat and long fingers terrorize a single mom and her troubled son, will screen at L.A.'s Arena Cinelounge Sunset from June 23 to 27.

Cinelounge is also sponsoring a Babadook cosplay karaoke party and a panel, “Babashook: From Monster to Cultural Icon.”

Why has the Babadook resonated with queer audiences so much?

Of course there's the perverse humor in slapping a rainbow flag behind the boogeyman, but there are some parallels: The mother, Amelia, is threatened by this thing her son has introduced that is threatening her perception of their calm family life. And while she can keep it in the basement (read: closet), she can never get rid of it.


"Queerness is often cast away into small corners of society but never completely destroyed, Rolling Stone, "often coming back bigger and stronger and more visible, more of a perceived threat to heteronormative society."

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