Ignorant Masses Boycott Target Over Bathroom Policy

"There is absolutely NO reason to put women and children in uncomfortable and dangerous positions!"

Conservatives were outraged after Target announced its sane and inclusive policy to allow shoppers and employees to use the bathroom that matched their gender identity.

Almost like clockwork, the American Family Association called for a Boycott of the retailer, with others following suit.

"Call Target now and voice your concern 1-800-440-0680 push #1. It only takes a minute," writes "Christian, Conservative, Patriot and Not Afraid," a Facebook group with more than 40,000 members. "Let them know how you feel- because trust that the LGBT community is (hence why this is even happening.)"

Right-wing pundit Joe Biggs interviewed shoppers outside a Target in Austin, Texas, "shocking" them with the news of Target's policy. (Given this was liberal Austin we're thinking Joe had to do some judicious editing to make his fright piece.)

"They should not have employees promoting sinful lifestyles AND MOST IMPORTANTLY there is absolutely NO reason to put women and children in uncomfortable and dangerous positions!" declares Ellie S. "Target will not be getting my business anymore! ‪#‎boycottTarget"

"I wont be going to target anymore. A man can identify as a woman and use the womens restroom now?" Brandon Beevers writes. "Thats BS. Just an excuse for a preditor [sic] to go in the womens restroom. Just make another bathroom labeled 'confused' so everyone confused about what they are can use that."

Some seemed so upset they had trouble making any sense.

"I love my weekly trips to Target too much to boycott them after today's news (proud of my friends who have statuses that they will be)," writes Jenna McElroy of Georgia.

"But I wonder if they will be offended when one of my sons has a potty emergency and can't wait and I decide to let them use Target's training potties in the baby aisle instead!?!? Anyone dare me? Lol."

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A toilet in a public lavatory

Fortunately some have called for logic and understanding.

"Where were they supposed to use the bathroom?" asked Sara Holmes. "I might not agree with who trans people are or do, but there are people out there who don't agree with the things I do. When was the last time you walked past someone and knew with 100% certainty what their gender was?... Thank you Target, for bringing us one step closer to gender equality."

"Parents, if you are so scared to allow your kids to go into the bathroom then here's an idea: GO WITH THEM," writes the eminently sensible Tina Doye-Oyer. "Yes, there will be perverts and pedophiles who take advantage of this and that will make you have to put your phone down and pay attention not only for yourself but others. Being a creeper does not direct towards one gender... Our children are open to these evil pedophiles already and it's always been our job to protect them. Nothing has changed."

And lastly, Charity H Fipps writes on her Facebook wall:

"I want everyone to think twice before saying anything bad about Target or transgender people. If you do not have this struggle then you cannot comment on how these people feel...

Don't close your mind to people who want to feel normal. It's not for you to judge. I personally don't understand the struggle, but I just want everyone to be happy."