Billy Eichner Sends Ass Pics and Rips Rainbow Flags in First “Bros” Trailer

"Gay sex was more fun when straight people were uncomfortable with it."

You saw Billy Eichner on the Street, now get ready to see him in the sheets in the upcoming rom-com, Bros.

In the first trailer for the meta movie, the Difficult People star plays Bobby Leiber, a podcaster who is tasked with writing a gay rom-com that straight audiences will also love. The only problem is that he falls in love with a hottie with a body, played by Luke Macfarlane (Brothers & Sisters, Single All the Way), and the two try to make a relationship work all while navigating New York's complicated gay dating world.


(from left) Bobby (Billy Eichner) and Aaron (Luke Macfarlane) in Bros, directed by Nicholas Stoller.

In addition to Eichner and Macfarlane, the Bros cast is a who's who of queer actors with everyone from Bowen Yang to Harvey Fierstein, Guy Branum, Ts Madison, Guillermo Diaz, Matthew Wilkas, and more.

"From the very beginning of developing Bros, I let everyone involved know that, while I wanted to make a movie that was hilarious and relatable to everyone, first and foremost I wanted to make a movie that felt authentic for the LGBTQ folks that the movie is about - and who have been so profoundly underserved by Hollywood over the years, particularly the major movie studios. From the storytelling to the casting to the crew, it was crucial for me that the needs of LGBTQ+ people were being prioritized," Eichner said in a note accompanying the trailer.

Bros has been making headlines as a historic first for Hollywood since it was announced back in 2019. It is the first gay rom-com ever released by a major studio, it is also the first major studio picture with an entire LGBTQ cast — even in the straight roles — and as Eichner points out in his note, he is the first openly gay man to "ever write and star in his own major studio film, which is bizarre and infuriating but somehow true." The movie is directed by Nicholas Stoller (Neighbors) who also co-wrote the script with Eichner.

Are you tough enough for love? Find out when Bros hits theaters on Sept 30, until then check out the NSFW trailer below.