13 Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed in "AJ and the Queen”

They were tucked right in there.

If you're like us, you probably spent a good chunk of your weekend binging RuPaul's new scripted Netflix series, AJ and the Queen. But when you're tearing through 10 hours of television, some details can slip right past you. That's where we come in.

Scroll through below for our list of 13 fabulous Easter eggs that Ru and co-creator Michael Patrick King have tucked away in the show.

Jinkx Monsoon's Little Edie

The Drag Race Season 5 winner plays a queen named Edie in the series. Could that be a nod to her legendary "Snatch Game" performance in which she portrayed Grey Gardens icon Little Edie? We'd like to think so.

AJ and the theater queen

If you listen to Ru's podcast, What's the Tee?, then you know he came out as a theater queen years ago. So it's no surprise that songs from musicals like The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and Wonderful Town made it into the series.

A Showgirls connection


If you recognized Kevin Prescott, the manager of the club in the "Louisville" episode, it's because he's played by Patrick Bristow, who was on Ellen DeGeneres' sitcom Ellen. He also told Nomi Malone to "THRUST IT!" in the cinematic classic Showgirls.

Love is like a butterfly


Butterflies are a symbol of rebirth and transformation—and also one of Dolly Parton's signatures. Do you think it's a coincidence they pop up in AJ and the Queen? There are butterflies on the lampshade in Robert's (RuPaul) apartment and on the wall above Chad Michaels' makeup station. Robert also calls Brianna (Katerina Tannenbaun), AJ's mom, "L.G.B.T."—short for "Lady Glitter Butterfly Top."

Elvira: Mistress of Mt. Juliet

The town of Mt. Juliet featured in the fifth episode is actually a set on a Warner Bros. backlot that has been used in hundreds of movies and TV shows over the decades. It was Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls and Fallwell, Mass., in Elvira: Mistress of the Dark. That town square across the street from the Bob Mackie Museum? That's where Elvira was almost burned at the stake! "I thought about that every single day we filmed there," Ru told NewNowNext.

A real Bob Mackie


Speaking of the Bob Mackie Museum, RuPaul Ru-vealed that in the "Endless Love" musical number he is wearing an original Bob Mackie made for him by the famous designer 25 years ago.

A Bridget Everett reunion


Bridget Everett plays one of the Pink Ladies in the "Little Rock" episode, but the comic and cabaret performer has been making headlines for years with her hilarious and outrageous live shows in New York, including 2014's Rock Bottom. She has also appeared in numerous film and TV projects such as Inside Amy Schumer and Unbelievable. AJ and the Queen is a reunion for her and Michael Patrick King; Everett starred in the 2017 Amazon pilot Love You More, which she and King created. Sadly, it wasn't picked up to series.

Good evening, America!

Comedian Drew Droege, whom you may know from his one-man show Bright Colors, Bold Patterns and his hilarious Chloë Sevigny impressions, was a script consultant on the series and wrote the seventh episode.

Drag queen wall art


The series is drowning in Drag Race girls (22 of them to be exact). But keep your eyes peeled for more notable queens in the background. Wait, is that a picture of Drag Race Season 7 contestant Tempest DuJour on the wall of Fabergé Legs' (Latrice Royale) club?

A 9 to 5 homage

Robert/Ruby is a pop culture junkie, so throughout the first season she recreates multiple scenes from classic movies such as Meet Me in St. Louis, Terms of Endearment, and Grease. But one that you might have missed is in the "Baton Rouge" episode, in which he sneaks AJ out of the hospital on a stretcher, paying homage to the 9 to 5 scene in which Lily Tomlin makes a similar sneaky escape.

RuPaul Has "Got to Be Real"

The "Fort Worth" episode wasn't the first time King has tossed the Cheryl Lynn disco classic into a show. He also used it to soundtrack the classic Sex and the City episode "The Real Me," which he wrote and directed. But as King told NewNowNext, it was actually Ru's idea to include the song this time around.

Dirty charades

If you know Ru, then you know he loves playing dirty charades, so of course he slipped in a reference to his favorite party game in the "Fort Worth" episode.

Fierce Jewels

The crown that Lady Danger (Tia Carrere) steals from Danielle Dupri (Trinity the Tuck) at the Miss Drag USA pageant was designed by Fierce Jewels, which sounds suspiciously similar to Fierce Drag Jewels, the company that makes the winner's crown for RuPaul's Drag Race. And did you notice the Fierce Jewels crown was mailed from Tucker Hollow Rd.? We see you, AJ and the Queen.

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