"Arrow" Heartthrob Stephen Amell Is All For Gay Dudes Hitting On Him: WATCH

The very dreamy Stephen Amell stopped by Chelsea Lately to promote his CW show Arrow last night, and the always blunt Miss Chelsea Handler got right to the point by talking about Amell's sexuality (he is straight and a new father), and his legions of gay male fans. And while many a male celeb fails to give any sort of decent response to these questions, instead acting embarrassed and suddenly shy, Mr. Amell said he is all about getting attention from gay men.

Amell, you see, has played gay in his career, on shows like Queer as Folk, so Handler assumed he might want to clarify that he is not actually gay so the boys would leave him alone. Amell, it seems, does not feel this way, telling the host:

People can hit on me if they want to.

And that, friends, is why we love Stephen Amell.

Check out the interview above.

h/t: Towleroad

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