Gay Comic Delivers Brilliant Shot-For-Shot Remake Of "Showgirls" Scene: WATCH

[caption id="attachment_135191" align="aligncenter" width="600"]johnearly-showgirls remake "Nomi's First Rehearsal"[/caption]

New York-based comic John Early would make Zack Carey proud with his newest YouTube clip: a shot-for-shot remake of Nomi Malone’s first rehearsal from Showgirls. Oh my God.

Oh my God.

Early made the video to promote his show Literally Me at Ars Nova in New York, and he enlisted some familiar faces to recreate Elizabeth Berkeley‘s magnum opus. That’s Cole Escola (of Logo’s Jeffery and Cole Casserole) as Nomi’s hard-ass director Marty and comic Kate Berlant as the Evian-loving Gay.

Mother of God, this is accurate. Makes me want to rigorously shake salt all over my fries and life.

You should be spellbound. In case you need some context, here’s the original scene.

And in case you want a glimpse at the man behind Nomi, here he is in his headshot.


Mr. Early appeared on 30 Rock as a gay pal of Jenna Maroney, which means he’s mightier than the rest of us. Follow him on Twitter at the awe-inspiring handle @bejohnce.

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