Madonna Makes Surprise Appearance At MoMA's "Truth Or Dare" Screening


In 1991 the classic Madonna documentary, Truth or Dare was released into theaters, ultimately becoming the highest grossing doc at that time.

To celebrate the film's 25th anniversary, New York's Museum of Modern Art hosted a special invite-only screening and conversation on Wednesday night with director Alek Keshishian, Blond Ambition Tour co-director/choreographer Vincent Paterson with Blond Ambition dancers Salim Gauwloos and Jose Gutierez.

What was wasn't announced at the screening was the surprise appearance of Madonna, herself.

The "Queen of Pop" shocked the audience by showing up unannounced—according to Boy Culture's Matt Rettemund only her publicist and MoMA's curator knew—and instead of gracing the stage for a Q&A or talk about the influential documentary, she simply took a seat in the middle of the audience like any other fan and watched the entire film.

"She came out to support Alek Keshishian, her longtime friend and director of the celebrated documentary," a source told People magazine.

About Last Night ? Another surreal moment in my life!!! Madonna surprised everyone and attended a special 25th anniversary screening of Truth or Dare in New York. This documentary (if you can accurately label such an entertaining, exciting, groundbreaking, and influential film) is an important part of the history of LGBT equality and part of the reason many of the people who are alive today will forever be thankful to Madonna. At a time when for most people homosexuality (and even sexuality in general) was something taboo, this film gave light and hope to isolated, repressed, self-loathing people around the world!!! If it sounds like I'm partial, or exaggerating, ask around and you will hear my feelings echoed by gay men who have survived until today and what an impact this film had on them.❤?❤ I've felt this way long before ever working with M, and one of the reasons my respect for her and what she has done for me and others like me, will never be forgotten. I will always be a fan!!! ? I still got goosebumps and chills again watching this part of history that foreshadowed reality TV and social media documentation of our lives. With the internet and greater access to information young LGBT people today (thankfully) might never understand what it meant to feel like you were a pariah and the only one in the world. Truth or Dare was the first time for many people to ever see the reality of gay men living openly as themselves and *gasp* kissing on camera!!! ???She showed us a reality that had never been shown before. The ultimate dare is to tell the truth! ? #Madonna #TruthOrDare #anniversary #InBedWithMadonna #BehindTheScenes #AlettoConMadonna #lifechanging #struggle #LGBT #lgbtpride #lgbtequality #HIV #AIDS #awareness #history #instagay #fanforLife #Queen #M #makeup #makeupbyme #makeupartist #dreamcometrue

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Madonna's daughter, Lourdes accompanied the singer to the memorable screening:

Madonna ducked out before the post-screening Q&A, but that she even came out at all to support such an iconic moment in Madonna herstory is reason enough to celebrate.

Interesting Read. Strange happening @ Q&A celebrating 25th anniversary of Madonna's #TruthOrDare at #MoMA and its special re-release. 1/2 The panel included the film's director Alex Keshishian, choreographer Vincent Paterson, and dancers @salim.gauwloos and #JoseGutierezXtravaganza @strikeaposefilm We got a late start cause bitch, it's #Madonna! As the queen made her surprise entrance, the room erupted in gasps and #applause. She entered, smiled, waved to her adoring fans and sat promptly beside the film's director #alexkeshishian. After the credits rolled, M receives a standing ovation from the audience. She takes a bow from her seat, blows an air kiss and ducks out. She did not stay to listen to or contribute to the Q&A of a film about her life.? At the start of the Q&A, everyone was watching the door as if to make sure she was gone. Frankly all the principle players seemed to breathe a sigh of relief when she left. It was like an episode of the Little Rascals when Miss Crabtree leaves the room. ?? The Q&A for the film was mostly focused on #production, #behindthescenes, Madonna's ego and technical aspects of the documentary. For example, there were 250 hours of footage shot and no one knows where it is today. It's lost. The dancers didn't really get to speak. ?Now this movie is iconic in many ways but especially in regard to its #unapologetic view of #gay men and the normalization of #gay culture. The moderator brought this up in his opening monologue introducing the film but strangely never circled back.???? Look...don't make my ass sit in a #theater for three hours and avoid the questions we want to know. I felt I deserved answers and I was going to get them. #tobecontinued @erwinrgonzalez #repost

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h/t: People

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