"You're Really Sweet, I'm Just Not Into Black Guys": Racism In The Gay Dating World

In a new video from I'm From Driftwood, Nelson Mosses Lassiter shares a story of prejudice within the gay community.

As a young African-American, Nelson has heard it all: He recounts one evening, soon after he came out, when he met a nice guy who eventually owned up to his "preferences" by announcing: "You're really sweet, I'm just not into black guys."

Another date went to the opposite extreme, fetishizing African-American men: "I like the way they look, the way they talk, the way they walk, and the way they wear their pants down low."

At the same time, he was getting attacked by the African-American community: "Why are you dating a white guy?" a friend pressed him. "You know they don't like us. What, do you think that you're too good for your own race?"

Now that he's had time to digest, Nelson recognizes there's a lot of work to be done in the gay-male community as a whole.

"We can't be seen as a group of people that want to have a unified message of equality if we ourselves are dividing ourselves," he says. "Whether someone is feminine or masculine, whether someone is black or white. If we continue to create these divisions within our own group, we're no better than the people who are discriminating against us."

Take a look at Nelson's story below. Catch more I'm From Driftwood stories here.

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