Dad Responds To Transphobic Mom's Terrible Rap With Awesomely Bad Rap Of His Own

" easy scapegoat for the scared and angry."

One dad has responded to a transphobic rap released last week by a Canadian mom, which attacked a recently passed trans-inclusive bill out of Alberta.

Ryan Sauve, an Alberta dad of three, released his track "Respect Diversity," in response to M.H. Wiebe's rap, entitled "Gender Bender." While the latter criticizes the bill, which would allow trans students to use whatever school restroom best aligns with their gender identity, the former celebrates the inclusion as an important step toward total equality.

In an interview with CBC News, Sauve stated that he felt compelled to write the rap after seeing how much attention Wiebe's rap had gotten.

"I just felt that if a transgender kid or teen comes across that video, it could make them feel pretty alone," he said.

"So I figured if we created a video response, it might make them feel like they have allies, that they're supported and make them feel better about themselves and that there are people out there who care."

As Wiebe has received plenty of backlash for her hateful rap, Sauve is anticipating criticism from the right, but says he's equipped to handle it.

"It's for a good cause so it's totally worth it. I want to let them know that the support for equality and inclusivity outside the immediate LGBTQ community is there and we form quite a strong presence."

Check out the two raps below!

Alberta Dad:

Alberta Mom: