Indian Government Promises To Reverse Court Decision Criminalizing Homosexuality, Facebook Users Stage Virtual "Gay For A Day"

The international LGBT community is still reeling from the decision by India's Supreme Court to re-criminalize homosexuality, but government officials there have indicated they will work to repeal Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which makes same-sex activity a crime punishable by up to ten years in prison.

Sonia Gandhi, widow of slain prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and leader of the Indian National Congress party, expressed her disappointment in the new ruling. "I hope that Parliament will address the issue and uphold the constitutional guarantee of life and liberty to all citizens of India, including those directly affected by the judgement."

Law minister Kapil Sibal told reporters that the law must be repealed immediately: "If the Supreme Court has upheld that law, then we will certainly have to take firm steps. Change has to be made fast and any delay cannot take place.... Time is of the essence. We must decriminalize adult consensual relationships."

Everyday citizens, meanwhile, aren't standing by passively. Almost immediately after the verdict was announced, Facebook users in India began posting same-sex kisses as part of a "Gay for a day!" campaign.


Said one poster (above), "[I] don't have any cuddly pics with anyone, so I'll just post a pic of me and my best friend, who show full solidarity with the LGBTQ community."

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