Queen Will Rock You In New Virtual-Reality Film

The movie was shot live in front of 15,000 fans at a Queen + Adam Lambert concert this year.

After 45 years of selling out stadiums, the members of Queen are ready to give fans a whole new concert experience through a groundbreaking virtual-reality film.

VR The Champions was shot live at a Queen + Adam Lambert concert last May in Barcelona using 360-degree cameras to capture a 3-D, virtual-reality experience.

Organizers for the Tribeca Film Festival announced that parts of the film will debut this weekend at the Tribeca Virtual Arcade, featuring the hit songs “Radio Gaga,” “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions.”

Queen guitarist Brian May says he is thrilled about the future of virtual reality, declaring it will be "a way of educating people like never before."

"I think, ultimately, virtual reality will change the world," May told CNET, "because you'll be able to build exactly what you want and have everything in [the virtual world] that you love and cherish, and you will feel like you can touch and you can hear and you can interact with them."

h/t: EW

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