South Carolina Trans Woman Shot and Killed, Misgendered in Reports

North Charleston police said Denali Berries Stuckey was "dressed as a female."

A black transgender woman was shot and killed this weekend in North Charleston, South Carolina.

The woman has been identified as Denali Berries Stuckey, TransGriot reports.

Police officers responded to a call early Saturday morning and found Stuckey dead at the scene with a gunshot wound, her body lying by the side of the road on Carner Avenue.

Stuckey, 29, has been misgendered and deadnamed by local media outlets. Authorities say Stuckey was found "dressed as a female," ABC 4 reports.

Asked if they were investigating the incident as a possible hate crime, a North Charleston Police Department representative said it was being investigated as a homicide. No arrests have been made.

"She is one of at least 12 transgender women to have died by violent means this year alone," HRC tweeted about Stuckey. "This violence must cease."

Anyone with information about the fatal shooting is encouraged to call NCPD Crime Stoppers at 843-554-1111.

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