Listen To The Brand New George Michael Single, "Fantasy"

“If you ain’t got time for me, I’ll find another fantasy.”

It's not uncommon for artists who have shuffled off this mortal coil to continue to bring us new music—most performers have loads of tracks they never released. We've seen posthumous music from Elvis, the Beatles, and now George Michael.

Morena Brengola/Getty Images

MILAN, ITALY - OCTOBER 07: George Michael performs at Datch forum on October 07, 2006 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Morena Brengola/Getty Images)

"Fantasy" is the first new single from the out singer since he died suddenly on Christmas Day 2016. It's a reworking of a 1990 B-side that appeared on Freedom! ’90 in the U.S. and Waiting for That Day in the U.K., given a fresh sheen by super-producer Nile Rodgers.

“I hope we make the fans proud of the amount of love we put into it,” Rodgers said, adding that he understands if fans have mixed feelings about the song. “You SHOULD have mixed feelings. No one’s heart was dragged through emotional ambiguity more than mine. Tears, uncertainty, happiness and love”.

Does "Fantasy" restore your "Faith" or is it just "Too Funky"? Take a listen below.

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