What Eureka Wishes You Saw During Their Divine "All Stars" Snatch Game

"Some stuff don’t make the cut for TV," says the self-proclaimed "Elephant Queen."

Ever since she first stomped into the workroom "serving pure catfish" on Season 9 of RuPaul's Drag Race, Eureka has been one of the franchise's biggest personalities.

On her original season, she left early due to injuring herself during the cheerleader challenge, but when she returned the next year for Season 10, Eureka made it all the way to the finale, finishing as a runner-up to the season's winner, Aquaria.

The self-proclaimed "Elephant Queen" has competed twice on Drag Race, but this was her first time on All Stars, which is a whole 'nother ballgame. Even though Eureka's runway looks and impressions of Kathy Bates and Divine were next level, she never won a challenge on the season, making it all the way to the final five. But when it came time for the queens to vote on who should go home, her track record — and lack of wins — eventually sent her packin'.

Eureka spoke with NewNowNext about their time on All Stars Season 6, why they got "in their feelings" about her Snatch Game, what runway look they thought they should have won for, and what we can expect from We're Here Season 2.

Let's talk about this week's episode. First off, with the superlatives, were you surprised when the queens voted you messiest, gassiest, and bossiest?

No, because I'm one of the few girls that can really take a joke and it's all about laughing. To let people pick at you and to be the butt of the joke sometimes is just as fine as being the one that's making people laugh. You know? I'm definitely one of the few girls that can get picked out without taking it personally, so I think it just made the game more fun.

Yeah, I agree. I love how you went the villain route with your Drag Tots character. You were giving me Snow White Evil Queen vibes. Do you have a favorite Disney villain?

Honestly, Maleficent and Ursula. Ursula just because, of course, Ursula. Right? She's a big girl, slightly misunderstood. But Maleficent, I think there was just such a connection with love. I love her.

You were put in the bottom for this week's challenge, and afterwards when you were in the workroom, you got emotional talking to the other girls on the couch. What was going through your mind in that moment? Were you just feeling run down by the competition?

Yeah. It's just when you try so hard every week and you put everything you have in and that just doesn't feel like enough, it reminds you of those struggles of self-worth that we all deal with, especially as queer people. Like, "Are you ever enough?" And it just reminded me and triggered that, "I guess I'm just not enough." It kind of made me feel that way for a moment. So I just wanted to address it and speak on it. So I had released it, really.

It must have been so hard because the competition is so strong this season. The girls are all serving it at 100% every week. It must've been tiring.

Yeah, especially when you're in the top so many times, and you almost get there, and you don't get it, you know? And that's what the girls are holding on to, these wins to keep you up.

I wanted to ask about Snatch Game. I loved your Divine, but then I saw your tweet about how you got in your feelings about Snatch Game. What did you mean by that?

I think that there are just some things that they couldn't show because of it being a character and copyright issues, things like that. I guess I just wanted more. I just got in my feelings because I was overthinking it, to be honest. I saw some negative feedback, and I got in my head too quickly before letting people really see it. It was one of those moments, girl, where you let social media get in your head before really letting it sink in.

Have you been better about not letting social media get to you? Because it can be toxic...

Absolutely. Absolutely, it's better. It was just one of those moments where I saw feedback and it was one of those things I wanted so much from, and I had high expectations for. I'm really hard on myself, so I expect the most, and if I don't get it, then I think I didn't do well. It took me a minute to realize, "No, you did well. It's okay." But it was also the episodes coming up that were kind of on my heart too, and my emotions — realizing it's coming to a close because it can be emotional. It's my favorite show. You put so much into this and you have expectations for yourself, and even other people have expectations for you, as well. So it can be very emotional.

Yeah, I bet. Do you think that maybe if they would have seen more of your Snatch Game performance, fans might have had a better judgment of it?

I don't know. Yeah, maybe I felt that way for a moment, but I think I got the job done. I think what happens is what was supposed to happen. I was just overcame 'cause we hadn't had the time. I think that there's definitely some lines that I wish could have made it, but because of legal issues and copyrights, stuff like that, you can't devise a very intense character. Some stuff don't make the cut for TV.

Have you heard from younger fans that you introduced them to Divine?

Yeah. I've actually heard it from a lot of people that they went and educated themselves online, and how interesting the story is. So that makes me happy.

Did you have any Snatch Game alternatives? Any backups?



No, they asked me and I was like, "Nope, sorry, this is all I brought." And they're like, "Um." I mean, I wasn't going to play anyone else but Divine, it was just my goal.

Your runway looks this season have been so phenomenal. Do you have a favorite runway look or one that you thought you should have won for?

I mean, the ball challenge was my favorite. I love my crossing guard. I felt like I was at a really high elevation that episode. I loved the blue outfit that I made. I thought it was really fun and sexy, and creative, considering it was all on paper. I guess I expected to win that episode just because I was really hoping to, because a big girl has never won the look challenge. So that was kind of a goal because as a bigger person, I like to pride myself on turning looks.

I loved your Frill Of It All with the pink chaps.

Oh yeah, I had so much fun... It is so weird because I didn't know that we were going to do the Frills runway as I was playing Madonna. But I was very inspired by Madonna for that pink look with that long blonde hair. So it was very pink army Madonna, which was what I was going for, and then I got to wear it the week that I played Madonna. It was kind of iconic for me.

So you're inspired by her Music era?

Oh, absolutely.

Going back to this week's episode, when your lipstick was pulled, what went through your mind?

Well, what was going through my mind was like, "Well, shit." You know what I mean? Like, "Well, shit. My best friend [Kameron Michaels] is here, the lipstick assassin. She's the one that has to send me home from the season." Honestly, I was so exhausted. I was just like, "You know what? If it's my time, it's my time." That was what was kind of going through my mind, like, "All right. It is what it is. Winning isn't everything, it's going to be okay." That's kind of what was feeding me at the moment, I was just trying to pep talk myself. "It's okay. You're still worthy, it don't matter. People still gon' love you, girl." Straight up, straight up.

Were you surprised?

I wasn't surprised just because I felt like the girls were going to be gunning for me because I hadn't won a challenge yet. That was kind of my narrative at the moment. So when they pulled my lipstick, I was like, "Well, I guess this is it. I've done the best I can." It sucks, but what do you do? You know what I mean? I don't know.

Like I said, this season's so tough. It must have been exhausting.

It was a lot, but it was fun at the same time. I think that I got a good run, and I felt really good about what I did. So I was like, "You know what? Winning isn't as important as it used to be. I would like to win, but I don't want to tear anyone else down to get to win." That was my thing, really. Because even during the judging or the backstage voting, it's like, "I'm not going to sit here and tear anyone else down to get to stay here." It's just not who I am. So I can't do that. Though I think it's my time, I just have to trust you. I don't agree, but I trust you. You know?

This is your third time competing on Drag Race. Does it get easier every time you come back?

You would think easier, but All Stars is a whole 'nother ball game. It just is. It's not like a regular season of Drag Race, and it's honestly only gotten progressively harder. Season 9 was the easiest season, though I didn't go that far, just because there's something special about being unaware. When you don't know, it's actually easier and more fun because you just do it. You don't overthink it. The more you know, the more you're putting expectations on yourself.

Okay, my last question: I love We're Here so, so much. Can you tease anything about Season 2?

Honey, I'll tell you it is going to be the most. It's going to be the most emotional, exciting, fabulous, fierce. We're finishing it up in the next month or two, actually — it's going to be released later in the year. We're going to some incredible places. It's so exciting, actually, so exciting.

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 6 premieres Thursdays on Paramount+.

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