Now THIS Is the “Cats” Trailer We Needed All Along

From the twisted mind of Stephen King...

We've written with great passion about the jellicle hellscape that is the 2019 Cats trailer. Lucky for us, some YouTube genius has capitalized on the feline frenzy with a new trailer for Stephen King's Cats, a fake horror flick we truly wish was real.

Cut with clips from this year's Pet Semetary remake and last year's dark-horse horror flick A Quiet Place, among some other scary movies, the trailer imagines a world in which the pussies from Cats are fierce and dangerous, and "Memory" is less a ballad and more a portent of death and despair.

King has even tweeted his approval of the thing, which we hope—claws crossed!—means he'll turn this mashup trash into the next hit Netflix miniseries.

Puuuuuurty, please, Mr. King?