Watch: The Brilliant Australian Short "Disarm"

So close together and yet so far apart

In the very NSFW short film Disarm, a young man meets up with an older, handsome trick for a simple hookup. But when initial passion turns to violence, violence turns to understanding, and an unexpected connection.

Sometimes it's easiest to talk to a stranger about things that are deeply personal. And seeing the generation gap here allow two strangers to give voice to their own pain, from a youth of bullying, to how they shield themselves as adults, is powerful. We all carry pain that drives our actions, and sharing that pain can bring a release that's more powerful than just sex from a random hookup.

The film won the My Queer Award at the Sydney Mardis Gras Festival in 2010, and it's easy to see why. Actors David Kinsman and Taris Tyler display a cocky vulnerability that draws you into the film. The frank depiction of how a random online hookup begins gives us a starting place for something entirely unexpected from writers Will Faulkner and Nathan Keene.

NSFW for language and situation

No one can deny that hookup culture is a part of gay life, but sometimes what you get is what you really need, and not at all what you expected. Which is exactly what Disarm gives us in this truly remarkable film.

h/t to Queerty for the find