Russell Tovey Appears As A Holocaust Victim In First Look As Gay Superhero The Ray

The out actor will join other CW superheroes in next week's crossover episode, "Crisis On Earth X."

Russell Tovey is set to play gay superhero The Ray in a four-part crossover within the CW's Arrow-verse next week, and the network has now released photos of the Looking star's time on set.

The "Crisis On Earth X" crossover episode will find the superheroes fighting Nazis in an alternate universe in which Hitler won WWII.

The CW/ Crisis on Earth X

Tovey's character, Raymond Terrill, appears to be a Holocaust victim in the series, appearing in a prison uniform that features the upside-down pink triangle that Nazis used to brand and persecute gay people.

The CW/ Crisis on Earth X

Terrill's alter-ego, The Ray, is a superhero with the power to manipulate light and will join the leads of Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl to help take down the Nazis.

The CW/ Crisis on Earth X

The big two-night primetime crossover, “Crisis on Earth X,” begins November 27 on the CW.

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