Harry Shum, Jr. Is A Crouching Tiger, Nick Adams Whored Out, Matt Bomer's Musical Interlude: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Getting in bed with Van Hansis, Sir Ian McKellen cuddles a kitten, Keegan Hirst serves up bare rugby butt

Comic book fans, what kind of gun does Mr. Terrific carry?

Mr. Terrific and this BFG. #arrowseason4

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Well, they don't seem upset about being whored out

Only last month Daily Mail was calling him chubby

The lazing around didn't last long! Killer power circuit in my hotel room!

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They seemed to have aged him some for this role

Nothing like breakfast on another continent

MORNING FROM LONDON TOWN!!!! ???????????????????? #hairisamess #24hourstravelling #planecrashedintoawall

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We'd all like to be in bed with Van

You say that like you've never met him before

Look who I ran into at #amazinghawaiicomiccon @therealstanlee #xmen #xmenapocalypse

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Remember when gay couples didn't take their partners to the Emmys?

So there are otters with those bears

Beauty takes effort. By other people

I'm not sure "loves" is what he's feeling about that chipmunk

I may never get this image out of my head

This is what happens when you let gay men into the locker room

Don't trust that little thing

It doesn't seem like that was a particularly complicated cut

Gladiators don't get sad

I find it oddly funny that his workout group has matching clothes

I didn't know the Target dog was still alive. She wasn't in the Christmas commercials last year

Always good to see Matt out having fun

Colton and Mark seem to be in different emotional places

We'd like to see more of you and your husband on The Flash

Leslie thought he'd seen it all

Before Billy bulked up for the Mr. Olympia competition this weekend

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