No, Madonna Is Not “An Old"

Madonna’s latest video for her current single, "Ghosttown," is getting a lot of attention. Not because it's arguably her greatest artistic achievement in years, but because upon it's release certain critics on the internet cried out, "OLD!" (We're looking at you New York Magazine...)

It's a low blow because it was unwarranted. A dig for the sake of it, and no one was amused.

"Ghosttown" is not only an exquisitely crafted, bittersweet pop track, but it has a stunning and meaningful video to go with it.

The end is nigh, but the wig is flawless; and the only way to win is to love. Quintessential modern Madonna. It’s exactly what we want from our queen. So why are people hating?

Madonna is 56. She’s doing what she loves. She’s vital and creative. She’s a legend that’s blazed a trail for every other artist who has and will come after her.

We should all be so lucky at ANY age to live a life like her's.

To joke that she’s “an oldie” or “a granny” has become tired. Unless you are a professional comedian, let’s stop that.

Plus, if you truly think 56 is old you’ll be giving up too soon on life and yours will surely be a sad and boring tale.

Without Madonna’s S.E.X. book, young hoes wouldn't be able to live so loud and so nude on Instagram without stigma or consequence.

Without Madonna’s hugely successful body of work, younger divas wouldn’t have a chance at headlining an arena and slaying the masses.

Without Madonna’s courage to look however the f*ck she wants to at any f*cking age she is, aging would be just a slow, grey march into time.

Respect Madonna. She's done a lot for you. She still makes great work. She’s still the Queen. Bow down, bitches.

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