Gay Couple Have "Faggots" Written On Their Door, Respond In The Best Way Ever

You'd think having an anti-gay slur scrawled on your door would ruin your Christmas. But one awesome couple turned an ugly incident into a teachable moment.

Two boyfriends found the word "Faggots" carved into their door, right under their Christmas wreath. In response, they posted a note:

‘To the individual who scrawled the word 'faggots'’ into our door: We regret to inform you that you completely failed to use glitter paint and/or sequins, your work looked rushed, and your handwriting was positively atrocious.

It is for these reasons that we had to remove your work from our door with sandpaper.

Fabulously yours, the Gays in Apt. 611."

We hope the Gays in Apt. 611 are having a wonderful Christmas—and the person who vandalized their door is staring at a giant lump of coal.

h/t: Reddit user WhiteFang0424, Gay Star News

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