Italian Football Team Tackles Homophobia In Sexy PSA: WATCH

Major league sports franchises here in the U.S. are working overtime to address homophobia—and it appears the cause has spread overseas. The Bergamo Lions, an Italian football team (who knew they played American football in Italy?), has launched a new PSA tackling homophobia and bullying in sports.

The spot features Carlo Gabardini, the popular star of the TV series Camera Cafe, who came out in the pages of Repubblica in October 2013. Our Italian is rusty, but the video presents Gabardini in football gear, and the Lions making it clear that his being gay doesn't change anything for the team.

In an adjoining article, the team explains the message of the PSA: "Respect for different choices, different decisions, different behaviors which are often ghettoized if not worse. It's a clear 'no' to homophobia and bullying in the world of football with an ironic and provocative message."

If you speak Italian, feel free to add to our understanding of this very interesting ad.