German Olympic Uniforms Are Maybe Gay Political Statement

Somewhere over the rainbow, indeed:  Germany's Olympic uniforms may or may not be a direct response to anti-gay Russia.  The outfits, which feature a prominent rainbow gradient, are being taken by some as an aggressive protest against the hosting nation's even more aggressive institutional homophobia.

There is some serious power-clashing going on here: and I don't only mean with the bold color choices being made by designer Willy Bogner, who claims that he was inspired not by current socio-political issues, but the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics.  However, the official description of the outfits is slightly more ambiguous: The outfits "were created using colors and materials specially tailored to the conditions in Sochi."  By "conditions in Sochi" did they mean the banning of "propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations" targeted at minors or the chilly winter atmosphere?

According to German Officials are straight up denying that any political sentiment is being expressed in their sartorial decisions: The DOSB spokesperson, Christian Klaue, told Die Tageszeitung that "the uniforms are not a protest," and said that the designs had been finalized before the Russia protests had even begun. Michael Vesper, general director of the DOSB, said, "This is just a fashionable jacket."

Fashionable?!  Well, that's your opinion, girl.

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