Wilson Cruz Recalls When He Was Erased From an Ad for “My So-Called Life”

“You can try to ignore me and people like me all you want, but I’m going to make it really difficult for you.”

Twenty-four years ago this week the cult classic series, My So-Called Life, debuted on ABC. The high school dramedy following the life of teenager Angela Chase (Claire Danes) only lasted one season, but it has regarded as one of the best television series of all time in the years since its cancelation.

Not only did My So-Called Life introduce Danes to the world, it also featured Wilson Cruz, who played Angela's gay bestie, Rickie, and was the first openly gay teen to star as an openly gay teen. Today on Twitter, Cruz posted an ad for My So-Called Life from a 1994 issue of TV Guide. The advertisement featured the series' cast, but Cruz's character was absent, but he revealed that he was actually originally in the photo, but later removed when the ad ran in the magazine.

You would never realize Cruz was missing until he pointed out that Bess Armstrong's (who played Angela's mother) hand was actually resting on Cruz's shoulder in the original picture.

The out actor noted that it especially hurt because he would read the Fall TV Preview issue of TV Guide from cover to cover as a kid—and then when he finally landed a role on a series he was erased from the magazine.

But Cruz got the last laugh. He is still performing today in hit shows like 13 Reasons Why, and making history as part of Star Trek's first gay couple in Star Trek: Discovery, which landed him on the cover of Attitude magazine earlier this year.

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