"The Golden Girls" Live On—As Puppets!

The hit parody show is coming to New York.

The Golden Girls have been brought back to life-this time as puppets!

Jonathan Rockefeller, an Australian comedian has transformed Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia and Rose into puppet form for a new parody show called That Golden Girls Show! which will make its Off-Broadway debut this September.

Rockefller sat down with CBC Radio to talk about the show and why he thinks gay men love The Golden Girls so much:

"Its not about getting old its just about being yourself. They were able to discuss issues that were so taboo but do it in such a funny way that they were able to get away with it. It was kind of the sex and the city before sex and the city. It was talking about all these naughty fun things, and you could say exactly what was on your mind. thats the wonderful thing about getting older. People feel they can let themselves go a bit more and say what they think. I think thats the attraction to it."

Below, watch a recreation of the show's opening credits with puppets and for more info and tickets for the New York run click here.

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